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Another Relationship by Pastor Ed Young

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And I couldn’t help but think about our lives, because isn’t it true that so many of us spend so much time banging on one key, pounding on one key. We think, “Well if I lived in that area of the country, maybe with that climate or with that size house, then my life would have meaning.”

Or, “Maybe just maybe if I was just hooked up with that person in another marriage or another relationship, that would do it for me.”

Or, “If I had that job. Yeah, that would be great! With the corner office and all of the trappings and trimmings that go along with that.”

Isn’t it true that we spend a lot of time just pounding on one key? What did that guy do, though? That guy put together notes and sounds in a beautiful combination that made some incredible music. That transition is there for all of us; yet, isn’t it true that we spend most of our time going through the same ritual, routine and regimen 24/7 when we have an opportunity to play beautiful music.

We think, “I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to stop smoking. I’m going to change the way I do business.”

We make all of the promises. And we resolve to do this or that. I would argue, though, rarely do we get to the foundation of where we need to go. Many times we focus so much on the superfluous that we miss the significant. We get so involved in the junk and even doing good things that we miss the best thing. Today, I want to kick this series off by talking to you about something that will help all of us live larger than life.

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