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Danger – Falling Rock Sign by Pastor Ed Young

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He has a stronghold on sex.  He knows that when people are involved sexually, it affects the totality of who they are.  It affects the essence of who they are.

The speed limit sign is 35.  It’s right in the middle of our relational road.  We have to understand that and own that.  God has given us the speed limit sign for our own good.  We have got to thank God for it because, remember, I’ve said it many times from the stage and I’ll say it again, “God is pro-sex.”  He thought it up.  He was not shy to talk about it, or to create it.  We should not be shy to talk about it or, especially, tell others how to use it based on his word.

Danger – Falling Rock Sign

[Ed reveals the Danger – Falling Rock sign on stage]

Have you ever driven through Colorado or Wyoming and seen this sign?  It’s the “Danger – Falling Rock” sign.  Hopefully, you were listening a few minutes ago when I said that sex is multi-dimensional.  I said that sex is not just sex – it is multi-faceted.  It affects the totality of our personhood.

I want you to assign several words to the rocks on this sign — spiritual, psychological, physical and emotional.  Sex is all of that.  Sex is spiritual, psychological, physical and emotional.  That’s the power of sex.  That’s why God wants sex to be practiced within the confines, guidelines and guardrails of marriage.  He wants us to keep a beautiful thing beautiful.  It should emerge from the context of a commitment and a covenant before God.  That is “designer sex.”

Pastor Ed Young says God is our creative Creator.  He is designer of this great gift called “sex” and he wants us to practice it within the guardrails of marriage.  He wants to spare us, think about it.  He wants to spare you and me from spiritual turmoil.

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