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God wants you to deal with the shovel factor by Pastor Ed Young

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According to Pastor Ed Young that Calluses build up on your hand, blisters, you’re worn out, your back is sore, you’re riddled with guilt, you’re fearful because you’ve been digging and digging and digging and digging, and if someone was to look at your life, they would say, “Oh, it’s smooth.  Look at that soil,” but right beneath it, though, if you look very carefully, I think the winds are blowing, “Wait a minute.  Toes sticking out from underneath the sand.”  And that’s the second factor, the toe factor, because if you hide your sin, if you try to cover it up, yes, you’ll deal with the shovel factor, it will wear you out trying to lie and to cover it up, but also the toe factor comes into play because the Bible tells us that your sin, my sin, will be revealed in one way, shape, form or fashion, out of nowhere as the winds blow, as the sands move, those toes of sin in your life and in my life, we’ve tried to cover up, suddenly will be there and people will go, “You did…Look, I cannot believe…look at the toes, look at this.”  And for some of your lives, because you’ve lived covering things up, you have toes sticking out everywhere, everywhere in your life.  God wants you to deal with the shovel factor.

According to Ed Young there’s another factor, though – the sand factor.  Have you ever been to the beach before and tried to walk on that hot sand?  Terrible, isn’t it?  I remember last year at the beach retreat, I would go down to the ocean and we would play in the water and everything and do football during free time and then the condominiums were about five hundred yards away so we would walk, sand’s no problem there because the salt water kind of made it cool.

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