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The back of Materialism and Greed by Pastor Ed Young

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Yeah, you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars but what did you do to help the church, to help people?  What did you do with what I blessed you with? I have got to ask you the same question.  I asked myself the same question.  This is the most critical time in the history of our church.  I am talking to church members now.  We are going to move into a phenomenal building, a venue to reach tens of thousands of people.  And church, we need to give from now until the end of the year like we have never given before.  So I want you to pray about your end of year gift and pray about what God wants you to do concerning your generosity towards the local church.  If you don’t give with joy, God does not want your money, nor do we.  But pray about it.  Giving breaks the back of materialism and greed.

Yes, we need to realize the neutrality of money but also we need to ruthlessly remove those stumbling blocks.  We have got to be ruthless.  Go back just for a second to the early portion of the message.  We can really connect with the rich young ruler.  We are here at the right time.  Most of us are young.  We are here with the right posture.  We are listening attentively, especially since I am not talking about money any more.  We are going to the right person, Jesus.  We are hearing His words today.  Most of us are living the right lifestyle.  We are good people.  We are asking the right questions.  Why do I know that?  Because we are here.

Ed Young – Well, now Jesus is looking at you and looking at me and seeing the stumbling blocks.

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March 27th, 2012 at 6:38 am