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The Problem in Life by Pastor Ed Young

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So often we allow fear to tyrannize and paralyze us and it causes us to miss the process of joy. The prophet Jeremiah said, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

So, joy strengthens us.  It enables us to do phenomenal things.  But if we’re always weirded out about fear, fear can tyrannize and paralyze us.  It can keep us from really revealing our true selves in relationships.  Fear can do that.

“Man Ed, I’ve got fear.  I’ve got fear.”

Well, I do too.  So often we have to do it afraid. Just to step out and do it afraid.  Just go over here and do it afraid.

“I’ve got fear.”

Well, so do I.  Just do it afraid.  Do it afraid. And when we do it afraid, what’s going to happen?  Joy will ambush us.  Joy will empower us. And we’ll discover that the fear was really nothing in the grand scheme of things.  We were just concentrating on Poplar Street instead of seeing the true perspective that God wants us to see.

Paul says we’ve got to do the stuff.  We’ve got to be the man, or be the woman.  It’s not about the problems in life, because that’s the deal.  The problem in life is the problem.  We all have problems.  It’s the power of God.  It’s the power of joy.

What happened?  Paul was changed to a member of the Praetorian Guard.  Church history tells us that the Praetorian Guard was changed every six hours.  So, think about it. The Apostle Paul got to share Christ with the entire elite Praetorian Guard.  Think about it. Because Paul was under house arrest, he met the heavy hitters in Rome, people he would have never ever met otherwise. And he got to share Jesus with them. So, God used Paul’s chains to change the lives of others.

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